The Zenith of the Dow

Today I sold all my stocks. Every last penny. Honestly it's roughly about ten grand in all but it could have been close to twelve, but nonetheless it's all because of this Coronavirus scare.

One has to know that the market is bound to rise from this disaster but we have to consider we've nearly lost almost three percent of the market. To me that's a legit crash. Historically considering our market being bullish for the last ten years, the drop isn't as special as the media portrays it to be, but a thousand points a day for the last few days is definitely going to make headlines. We basically set ourselves back an entire year, making the mark of the DJIA at 25k. I can remember all those clowns at Wall Street wearing the DOW 25K hats jumping up and down as they see their millions roll in. Sad a year later your fashion didn't go out of style.

So what happen to my MCD? I sold it at the $190 mark. Why? My 8% rule. Unfortunately it triggered a little higher since I had set my stop limit compared to my $206 mark. Nonetheless it's back up at around $195. I'll get it when it hits $200 again and hut after my C note. Dang, I was literally $20 away from glory until the virus hit the market.

I did make a small nugget from BILI. I had bought at $18 and sold at around $26, making a cool half thousand. It made up for my losses.

I have to give it both BILI and AMD for keeping my portfolio from buckling under. Like the great Wu Tang Financial, it's always best to diversify your bonds.

Overall I decided to backtrack and see what I have lost since I began using the stock market and I realized that I had gained a solid chunk, even with the crash looming. My portfolio still shows I'm up almost 118%.

Now the big question looms: when do we go back to the market?

I'm going to give myself a break and give it some thought before jumping back on the old blue chip wagon. For now I'm setting up limits on several stocks I'd like to work with. I'll let you know what they are in the future markets. GO 25K...again!



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