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Air Conditioning

I must say I've been blessed these past few months. I'd say the hardest thing for me was actually sticking to my guns and abiding to what I've been preaching these last posts. It's hard to see others suffer, especially when they have no plan or had any reason to change their lives that are already set in their ways.I work with a wide range of filmmakers in southern Arizona and each of them have their own stories of surviving the pandemic. Many stories of them include the changes in their income, their economic security and overall their well-being.A lot of us are returning home, asking relatives for money and finding any job (no matter how potentially unhealthy) to make ends meet. Our entire nation looks like a third-world country - fires in the west, unsettled social issues and protesting, an election year and the pandemic umbrella looming over it all.How I Got AC in a pandemic:
For the last five years I've been living with a regular old school swamp cooler. The c…

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