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An Indictment on Society

I watched the Joker this past weekend. What can I say? It's a masterpiece. Why? Because it doesn't  melt your brain with CGI fight scenes or gives you clever one liners from square jawlines or tight body suits. It doesn't have to link up the last shit show you watched nor does it have to pay tribute to your sticky comic book collection. It tells you to shut the hell up and sit down on tacks. You know why? Because it gives you permission to question who you are! The fact that Warner Bros approved of this jugular-slicing juggernaut, it gave society a piece of it's own sweet medicine. It shoves a mirror in your face and says this is what you've become, now sulk in it for two hours with symbolism and floundering rationality on comedy. It begs us to ask why we laugh and what's our real purpose for struggle. This film unwraps the whole idea of a comic book film, tosses it in the garbage and pulls out the rodent infested moldy food scrap that was left to rot in the ba…

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