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The Great American Slump

The year 2020 will be written in books as "the worst year" in modern history. A pandemic that shut down a country and a headless administration leads with fear and blaming others. Wrapped within the plague is an economy that suffered on all sides: Entrepreneurs who freelanced their work scramble to get a decent meal. Families who were laid off now face eviction. Those directly affected by the virus have to deal with an untimely death or medical bills that are ridiculously too high to pay in a lifetime. Not to mention the rise of global protests for justice, police reform and civil rights for people of color.
Ironically I think of the politics of 2019 and how many of the democratic candidates fought for progressive ideas that would help the country but were shunned with their "radical" thinking. But their ideas were all dumped into the recovery of 2020's problems:
Andrew Yang's idea: Universal Basic Income. As his "Math" campaign kicked into high gea…

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