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Future Markets, A Small Ripple

I had the luxury of watching Tenet in the theater. I must say I'm having a blast with COVID restrictions. I thought I'd be in a situation where I'd feel uncomfortable. Rather, it's quite nice having two seats on each side reserved for safety reasons. There was six people in the auditorium and although the film industry is failing economically, I have to admit it was nice seeing a film with little or no people.The film Tenet made me think about the past and the future and how they're both simultaneously connected. I guess this story begins last week, where I was camping in the mountains with all our crew. I distinctly remember my friend Sergio talking about gear he purchased when he first started camping. We were all drinking by the fire and he laughed about his first tent and sleeping bag. They were really bad purchases, cheap and almost useless. But he said it was a good lesson for him, that it encouraged him to buy solid gear, gear that would last almost a whole …

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