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A Millionaire Inside Us All

I recently finished reading The Millionaire Next Door. I must say it was quite boring. I didn't exactly feel that it was as informative as it makes out in the back cover. Maybe it's my state of mind? Maybe it's because it's a lengthy book on arbitrary numerical figures against things that don't really apply to today's standard of being rich or famous. But I'd say one big take on it is to be frugal on all levels of finance, even in the most dire of situations. Frugality and humbleness is what I get off it. I like the fact that many of the things they mention in the book are logically categorized but you can skip many pages of "real life" scenarios and charts of items you don't find tasteful.

One thing I found most interesting is that many millionaires are not like what we imagine them to be: big house owners, driving fancy cars, showing off flashy brands and having incredibly attractive partners. Instead they're primarily working class fo…

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