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My Steps in Escape

I realize some of my past posts were just talk and not much insight on finances. My main point of making this blog was to help others. What better way to do it than tell you what I actually did to get out of debt and escape my past demons. So here we go: 1. Start saving first, spend later. I realized when I was almost fifteen thousand in debt (car payment, credit cards and college tuition) that my anxiety, my restless nights of confusion and my bad habits all stemmed from my money problems. I read The Richest Man in Babylon and figured if I began taking my savings account seriously, I'd be quick to pay off a few of my bills, cutting away my anxiety. Luckily I realized that and much more. From my savings I started noticing my spending on useless material junk and I quickly ended it. The lack of spending directly affected my savings. It didn't take me long to get into the habit but STARTING it was the largest hurdle. Realizing your spending habits change from old to new was a tou

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