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Max Encinas and the Joyriot band

Gold. Pure gold.

Between the Walls edit underway

Support the Blood Widow!

Fermata Media Group

Musical talent in Tucson: Angel Perez

The Dome unearths in 2016

The Dome comes alive!

A Calexico weekend extravaganza!

In Dire Straits teaser is released, oh snap!

The latest work from Edgar Ybarra

You're Gonna Die is finally released!

Literally to the edge in Sasabe, Arizona

White Stallion Ranch underway

Checked out the event of "El Alambrista La Venganza" in South Tucson

Cast and crew premiere of "Mariachi"

RIP James Horner

Editing "Between the Walls"

"Mariachi" on the edge of completion

"Between the Walls" begins

La Siesta Campgrounds

"Ersilia" is live! World premiere and article on Glide Magazine!

Studio 235 event pictures

The Taxman is making his way to Studio 235 for the Banning Art Walk.

"Mariachi" featurette released!

"Mr. Snyder" underway

"Inside the Pod" series underway

"Lucinda" in it's final stages

Arivaca Film Festival 2015

"Ersilia" is complete

"Mariachi" is in it's final stages of completion

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