Recluse is a massive storyboard

For the past year I've been using index cards to create politically charged comics. When I say index cards, yes, the actual regular old index cards you used as notes for college. I don't want my medium for these comics to be too fancy or expensive. They're just ballpoint pens I find lying around anywhere and the occasional red marker that I've been fond of to add some flair.
"Kirstjen Nielsen's Legacy" #taxmanart

But since I've been making these comics I also have been researching plot and story structure to help me strengthen my indie films. Recently I came across a great article and video on how great stories are made - and not with the traditional use of a script but rather a storyboard.

I got to thinking that since I've been using index cards for my comics, why not take a crack at making an entire film "script" using strictly a storyboard? Besides, to me, film should be in any language if it's visually appealing. Why not challenge myself with another film, breaking with tradition and making an entire script in visuals.

So that's my plan for the summer, making the retro-techno thriller Recluse, using storyboards instead of a script. Now will there be dialogue? Yes. Will it be scripted out? Yes, of course. But will the film have a full script, probably not. I'm planning on making digital folders to refer to so my crew can look over what they're suppose to be doing during the film. I don't want this to be a dialogue driven film, but an actor driven film.

My main focus is exploring what would the characters do in their own situations. Making this a thriller it's been exciting to turn my political fetish of index cards into a fast paced action film that centers around a woman who has recently been bitten by a spider. No it isn't a female Spider-man spin-off - which I'm actually on board for doing. This will follow symbolically the current state of women being controlled, big pharma and the future of augmented reality. Gee, Mr. Ray - how you going to pull that off with a shoestring budget? I honestly don't know. But what I do know is that Recluse - in it's odd visual form, will be complete by this summer and ready to shoot come fall.

If you're interested in helping with the project or have something to contribute, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm all ears. Thank you for reading.



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