Mr. Snyder at the Arivaca Film Exhibition

Mr. Snyder is premiering at the Arivaca Film Exhibition on March 3rd, 2018 during the independent film program starting at 6:30pm. The film will go on after Smartcar, a dark comedy made by Nathan Lee.

This version will be considered an audience test. I've been cranking down on the film for the past month, organizing scenes and working with a variety of great acting and it's been a personal struggle to cut out "unnecessary" scenes. The work of each actor really plays out on the screen but the energy would be low if I kept it at it's original pace and well, it is a thriller. I don't want the audience yawning forty minutes into a film that can be cut into fifteen.

As for now the version of the film is almost complete. I'm doing some quick touch ups on the sound mixing but I'm hoping to have a solid version when the film exhibition is done. Maybe sometime in April I'll begin placing it in film festivals. For now I just want to get the film in the right light.



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