Taxman finishes up Mr. Snyder

Mr. Snyder's principle photography is done. We wrapped up last weekend with Scott Martin Thomas, Keith Lopez, Jaime Milla, and Charles Lynch. I'd like to thank Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink for letting us film a small scene to wrap up the shoot.

Now we've got the long and tedious journey of editing. We're hoping to have the film completed by mid February with a first screening at the Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibitfor March 2nd and 3rd. We hope to see you out there.

As for Taxman, if you happen to notice a few files missing from the website or Youtube channel, we're currently moving content into a new channel. Don't freak out, we're just moving media.

Speaking of Taxman, we're very excited for purchasing some vintage lenses. The company recently purchased a low priced, outdated Canon FD 135mm f3.5 and f2.5, two separate lenses with FD mounts. 135mm primes give a long shot, which increases depth of field and bokeh. The lenses are in the mail and we're hoping to get a couple of test shots on the blog.


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